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Prayer Rock

Poem that goes along with this activity:
I’m your little prayer rock, Here is what I’ll do;
I’ll remind you that Heavenly Father likes to hear from you. It isn’t always easy to remember saying prayers and so…each morning when you make your bed on your pillow I will go. At night if you forget to pray and climb into your bed, You’ll lay down on your pillow- and WHACK, you’ll bump your head! Then you will remember to kneel and say a prayer, then drop me out onto the floor, I promise I’ll stay there. When you wake up in the morning I’ll still be on the floor, CLUNK, you’ll stub your toe on me and remember to pray once more. If you let me be a special friend and use me every day, Heavenly Father will be happy to know that you’re learning to pray.

I had one when I was little and still have it.. It works…My daughter will have it on her pillow and on the floor. It’s exciting!!!

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