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It’s a Baby Shower!

We started out by playing a few baby shower games. The first one we played was a guessing game. The girls had to see how many paperclips they could get out of a bowl of rice as they were blind- folded. The winner got to pick a prize. We then divided the girls up into teams and had an obstacle course. In the course they had to race baby strollers with dolls in them, change diapers, drink from a baby bottle, buckle them in a car seat, and pack up a diaper bag. The winning team received a prize as well. We then went into the multi purpose room and had each leader talk about a topic on having an eternal family. One of us talked about the importance of being married in the temple, another one of us talked about how important it is to be married before you have children, another leader talked about how her husband was a good help in raising her children, and the last leader talked about what having an eternal family has meant to her. We then passed out a letter to each of the girls from their “future” children which told them that as spirits they are watching us and cheering us on when we do good things and praying for us when we are struggling. We also sewed some simple burp rags to give each girl to put in her hope chest. The girls seemed to really enjoy this one.

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