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    The Airplane Activity: It kills you but won’t die.

    Well, it came up again on our Seminary Teacher’s Facebook group–The Activity That Won’t Die: the Flight 227 airplane crash activity. I was astonished to see it appear on the page, actually.  I thought I had squelched it years ago with my forum posts regarding the First Presidency letter warning members not to wear all white at activities.  But no…

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    How to Plan an Amazing Mutual Activity

    Our ward held a combination leadership/planning meeting last Sunday before Conference.  This handout contains some of the information that we discussed during our training.  Plan an amazing mutual activity with these tips.  Your activity does not need to match all of these items, but it Purposeful Planning: Amazing Mutual Activities Ministering Who in our class needs help or support? How can…

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    Human foosball

    I read about this awesome game at https://howdoesshe.com/how-to-play-human-foosball/  It sounds like it’d be so much fun for mutual!  Human foosball is a game to be played in the gym or out of doors inside of a fenced in or boxed in area.  It’s basically like kickball, but you play while holding on to a PVC pipe and only move horizontally to…

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    Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

    Hi there…and thanks for everything you do!  I love your website. This was a little bit of a complicated set up on this activity.  Please feel free to contact me for any questions. Thanks! Charlene H   The Books of the Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt Each clue provides a scripture from one book in the Book of Mormon, and…

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    Priesthood Preview idea

    Hello! I have used so many of your great ideas in lessons or activities I thought that maybe one of my ideas could be helpful for someone, somewhere. I teach the 11-year old boys in Primary. I love my calling! A few months ago, I was asked to speak at the “Priesthood Preview”. That’s where the boys and their parents…

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    Five Love Languages

    We used clip art from your site for the flyers and magnets. I’ve included the Examples of the Savior Use of the Five Love Lanuages as well as the magnet and flyer pages here. If you could add them to the general description I would appreciated it. Your site is a great resource.  Thank you for your efforts. Darcy, in…

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    Name that Hymn game

    Here is something that I tried during a Group Family Home Evening with our Branch. It is in PDF format. – Mark S. This is a PDF of a slideshow that originally played the hymns. The clues are great.  Thanks for sharing, Mark!