Jenny’s Missionary Escape Room Solution

Number of Family History Centers in Stafford, VA = 1

If you aren’t a game leader, stop !


This contains all the answers for my escape room. If you’re a participant trying to solve this puzzle, don’t scroll ahead and cheat! This is published FOR GAME LEADERS ONLY who need help participants who may be stuck on with the clues.

Seriously. Don’t.

The Steps

This is a 6-step Puzzle:

  1. Find a key hidden in the room that opens a locked suitcase which contains
  2. a 3-digit math puzzle and Matthew 5:16 poster that, when solved, contain clues to
  3. open a box locked with a 3-digit lock that
  4. contains a word scramble and UV flashlight which will help kids
  5. find and solve a crossword puzzle written in invisible ink that has the clue to
  6. use the word scramble and missionary codes to open the four-digit lock

Clues for Step 1

The key is taped to the ceiling above the table.

Clues for Step 2 (the 3-digit lock code)

The solutions are as follows:

Number of smarties in a roll = 15

Number of YW Values = 8

Number of Family History Centers in Stafford, Virginia = 1

Number of Sons of King Mosiah = 4

Number of offices in the Aaronic Priesthood = 3

Number of plagues in Egypt = 10

Number of Paul’s Heavens = 3

Number of the years in 1 Kings 7:1 = 13

Number of Solomon’s wives = 700

Number of Solomon’s concubines = 300

Number of Matthew 18:12’s sheep = 100

Number of people left to King Og in Numbers 21 = 0

Number of apostles = 12

Number of ungrateful lepers in Luke 17 = 9

Number of Moses’ commandments = 10

Number of Matthew 15:34’s loaves = 7

Days of Creation including Rest = 7

Days of Creation Only = 6

Number of years in Genesis 31:41 = 14

Clues for Step 3

What do we do when we meet a frown?

The second number must be turned UPSIDE DOWN to open the lock (“When you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay ….” from Note to Self clue)

The 3-digit lock solution is 767.

Clues for Step 4

The word scramble spells REDEEMER.

Clues for Step 5

Using the clue in Matthew 5:16 (“Let your light shine before men, that. they may see your good works…“), use the UV flashlight to shine on the yellow paper and solve the crossword puzzle clues.

The crossword puzzle:

This puzzle is left on the table at the beginning of the game as both a clue and a red herring. Only the solutions to 7-down, 11-down, and 12-across are actually needed to solve the puzzle.


1– Families can be _____ forever

3– Nephi will __ and do, 1 Ne 3:7

5– ___ and ye shall find, Matthew 7:7

7– _____ ye this day, Joshua 24:15 (CHOOSE)

9– Ezra and Northrop, ___ your ears! D&C 33:1

11– Sixth word of D&C 4:4 (WHITE)


2– President Kimball: Every worthy young man should serve a ____

4– It’s hard to get up for Seminary but it’s ___ it

6– Eighth word of the Eighth article of faith

8– The worm is spread ____ thee, 2 Nephi 24:11

10– “ I will praise and adore at the mercy ____”

12– Remember ___ Sabbath day, to keep it holy, Exodus 20:8 (THE)

The solution to the crossword puzzle is Choose the White.

Clues to Step 6

Choose the White means to use the missionary codes for Elder White on the missionary codes sheet. Using the unscrambled puzzle RE DE EM ER, you get the four digit lock code.

The four-digit lock solution is 8577.

Final Note for Game Leaders

So based on the above, to use my clues out of the box you will set your 3 digit lock to 767, and your 4 digit lock to 8577.


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