Cheap Dating Relief Society Activity with game

Kristina M shared:

“I recently was asked to teach an enrichment on “cheap dates.”    Everyone’s ideas of “cheap” dates are different but there are a lot (over 120) date ideas that we came up with.  I put it on a Excel Document, and each tab (at the bottom) is different.

“I give a basic explanation on the first tab.  But basically I copied on to 3 different color papers for “easy to plan”, “some planning needed” and “a lot of planning needed”  and each sister got a bag of dating ideas (cut in strips).   The idea is if you have no time to plan, pick the easy color, if you have time to plan pick that color.  If you like the idea, do it.  If it is something you are not into, chuck it. 🙂  (Husbands can choose ideas too!)  I put them in cute lunch bags, you can do what ever.  If you are making this for a large group, it will take a LOT of cutting, so get some help! 🙂

“The game is a conversation starting game for couples.  You can play it as a game and get to know each other better, or you can keep the cards in your “date car” and when the conversation dies down, you pull one out and ask. . . you will learn more about your sweetie! 🙂

“Kristina M.   AZ   “


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