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50 Tried and Tested Delicious Girls Camp Meals

Girls camp meals can be a pain to plan, and if the food at camp isn’t good, well … mutiny!  These tried and tested camp meals are favorites collected from camp leaders all over the world.  You’re sure to find some that will work with your girls:

Camp Meal Ideas

  1. Hawaiian haystacks
  2. Mexican stackups
  3. Walking tacos
  4. Dutch oven cheesy potatoes and ham
  5. Quesadillas
  6. Tin foil dinners
  7. Baked potato bar
  8. Nacho bar
  9. Hamburgers
  10. Hot Dogs
  11. Pulled pork sandwiches
  12. Egg sandwiches
  13. Macaroni and Cheese
  14. Roasted Starburst candies
  15. Instant oatmeal (serve with different coffee creamers to flavor, brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit)
  16. Fresh fruit
  17. Granola bars
  18. Fresh vegetables and dip
  19. Shrimp boil
  20. Hobo dinner
  21. Chicken alfredo
  22. Dutch oven lasagne
  23. Yogurt parfait bar
  24. Hard boiled eggs in a paper cup (cooked right in the fire!)
  25. Pancakes
  26. Foil pack fajitas
  27. Sausages roasted on a roasting stick
  28. S’mores
  29. Omlettes in a bag (put cracked eggs and desired toppings in a heavy duty zipper bag.  Place the bag in boiling water until eggs are set.  Toppings can include cheese, onion, sausage, bacon, salsa, spinach, grilled sweet peppers, jalapenos, etc)
  30. Taco salad bar
  31. Chicken/tuna salad croissant
  32. Grilled pizza (Works on a closed grill or right over the coals, but is slow to cook.)
  33. Camping Pita pizza (Add cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, olives, or whatever other toppings and stuff in a pita. Wrap it up in foil and throw it on a grill or campfire for about 10 minutes.)
  34. Smothered hashbrowns (hashbrowns with chili and cheese on top)
  35. Wormy apples (cored apple with a precooked sausage link stuffed inside.  Wrap in foil and bake over coaks until well cooked.  Serve topped with maple syrup)
  36. Rats (chicken cut into strips and marinated in a favorite sauce.  Cook on roasting skewers)
  37. Watermelon sticks
  38. Sandwiches on hoagie buns
  39. Dutch oven cobbler
  40. Spaghetti with homemade meatballs
  41. Cafe Rio night
  42. French toast
  43. Breakfast casserole
  44. One pot pasta
  45. Homemade donuts
  46. Salad
  47. Brownies or muffins in an orange
  48. Grilled ice cream cones (Take a regular flat-bottomed ice cream cone and provide items such as mini marshmallows, caramels, hershey kisses, m&m, starburst, skittles, for filling the cones. Double wrap them in foil, seal tightly and put in the fire upright with the cone bottom facing down. Don’t put too close to the fire–just get them near the heat for about 5-8 minutes. When they are opened, serve with a spoon.)
  49. Camping tamale pie
  50. Breakfast burritos

Tips for preparing camp meals

“We had great success this year when our camp director asked the YCLs to plan a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack with their level.  Because the girls picked out the meals they’d be cooking, they were more excited to help prepare meals at camp.  Often it was something they already knew how to make, so there was very little time wasted teaching girls how to prepare the food. Plus, we were guaranteed that at least some of the girls would like what they were served!”  Jenny S.

“We are very blessed to have a cook and staff who understand how important their role is at camp. It makes a huge difference in the entire week.  Camp meals/food can make or break many camp experiences and help set a positive tone. Cooking and serving fresh, high quality foods, made from scratch cut our food budget at least 20% and is a huge benefit when cooking for those with food allergies. It cuts down on the questionable ingredient items. We have several who are vegetarian/vegan and the fresh salads and fruit with each meal make it possible for everyone to have something they can/will eat.” Shauna H.


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