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How to Play Froggy Murder

My cousin taught me how to play Froggy Murder at a family reunion.  Froggy Murder doesn’t take any set up, and it’s a fun activity you can use to fill up time at the end of a Wednesday evening or camp activity.  All ages can play the game, and it’s lots of fun to see how dramatically people act out when they’re dead.

Variation of: Wink Murder

Safer form of: Murder in the Dark

How to play Froggy Murder

  1. Select one person to be the Moderator.  Select another person to be the Detective.  Determine how many tries the Detective gets to catch the Frog (I suggest 3-5 chances).
  2. All players sit on the floor in a circle with the Detective in the center.  The Detective may be seated or standing.
  3. Everyone, including the Detective, covers their eyes, while the Moderator walks around the circle to select someone to be the Frog.  The Moderator will tap one person on the shoulder as he or she walks around.  No one but the Moderator and Frog will know who has been selected.
  4. Everyone opens their eyes.
  5. Each person will look around the circle.  The Frog can “kill” members of the circle by sticking his or her tongue out very quickly. The Frog tries to kill members of the group without being seen by the Detective. If a person sees the Frog stick out his or her tongue, that person must immediately fall over dead, “dying” as dramatically as possible.
  6. Game play continues until the Detective guesses the name of the Frog correctly or runs out of guesses. Detective has a predetermined number of guesses to choose the Frog.
  7. When the game is over, choose a new Detective, and start at Step One, with the moderator choosing a new Frog.

Now you know how to play Froggy Murder!



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