For the Strength of Youth Road Rally

Shared by Jeanette W.

For the Strength of Youth Road Rally

Joint Activity (All Young Women or Young Women and Young Men)


1) A lot of leaders

  • Enough leaders to drive all the kids – all kids need seatbelts, youth can not drive each other
  • One leader (or two youth leaders) to stay at each location and give handouts to the groups.  (You will need six leaders if you do all the stations, or you can choose to have fewer stations.  Another option would be to have the Priests and/or Laurels team up and staff the stations.

2) A lot of candy – Enough of the following for each participant:

  • Small bag of M&M’s
  • Small 3-Musketeers Bar
  • Package of Nerds
  • Tootsie Roll Pop
  • Small 100,000 Grand bar
  • Bag of microwave popcorn – or baggie of popcorn

3) About an hour of preparation time with your class presidency to put the handouts together

  • The attached handouts need to be copied and cut and then attached to the candy Once assembled they can be put into six bags to give to the leaders to hand out at the locations
  • The road rally is a test representing life. Do not tell the youth or the other leaders that it is a test.

The only information you should give them is:

1) Follow the rules listed on the sheet.

2) There will be a prize at the end.


Divide the youth up any way you would like. If you have more than six groups you will need to
make more copies of the team papers. Each team will go to the same locations but in a different
order. The road rally is set up to make it very tempting to go to the locations out of order, because
they are going back and forth a lot. Youth and leaders usually assume that the prize at the end is for
the first person to finish, so the race is on.

Read the rest of the details in the document below:


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