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We wanted to teach the children that the Lord uses his Prophets to help prepare his people.
We used stories in the scriptures to help teach this. We asked someone to play the part of each Prophet. They told the story and explained how the Lord helped them to prepare for what was to happen. After the story the children did a small activity and then were given something for their 72hr survival kit.
Each Prophet was given their own room to decorate.
We split the children into small groups. They rotated every 15 min. In that time they were told the story and completed the activity.
At the end we got together and talked about what our Prophet has asked us to do to prepare ourselves. We talked about being physically prepared as well as keeping close to the Savior so that we could also have the guidence of the Holy Ghost.
We let them know the the items they received were to start a 72hr kit and that they needed to go back to their families and have a family home evening lesson on being prepared and complete their kit.

we did this activity in conjunction with our ward Provident Living activity. The Adults and youth had a seperate activity in the gym on Preparing our Families.

Brother of Jared:
Activity: The children made magnets with the clear glass stones. We glued white paper on the back (we wanted to do glow in the dark paper but couldn’t find any)
72hr Item: Flashlight

Joseph who was sold into Egypt:
Activity: Colored Penne noodle necklaces
72hr Item: Granola Bars

Noah and the Ark:
Activity: Noah and the Ark FHE kit was put together from a sharingtime in the friend
72hr kit item: Bottle of water

Father Lehi: Tell of the Tree of Life vision.
Activity: Colored a picture of the Tree of Life
72hr Item: Bag of Fruit Snacks

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