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Youth fundraising activity

We are into our second year of this activity. We sell tickets to a ward family dinner and after dinner we hold an auction. People from our ward have donated most of the items/services. We hold a live auction for these items and a silent auction for the items donated by the kids (in this instance, the girls going to girls camp). Things that are donated range from homemade food items, to boating trips, artistic services such as painting a picture from a picture chosen by the person who won the bid, as well as dinners made for two or even some computer work. Whatever the talents are in the ward. We have also had some items donated by the community like car washes and dinners for two at local restaurants as well as other fun items. The girls helped run the night as well as donating items of their own (babysitting, throwing a kids party, cookies, homemade blankets, etc.) We only had 8 families show up the 1st year and everyone had so much fun it made it a big excitement this year! This year we are implementing some games that you have to be bid into to play, like a pie eating contest and a stilt walk. Be creative and have fun!

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