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missionary activity from premission to the mission field

Pre-mission – focus on exercise, healthy eating, saving money, studying the scriptures etc. Show a piggy bank – saving money. Scriptures – learning the gospel. Shoe =missionaries walk a lot. Serve refreshments here we served apples, carrots and grapes with water to drink. Took about 15 min. We had the children write letters or draw pictures for the missionaries in our ward. We mailed them and have been reading their responses to the children in opening exercises.

Mission call – we made up missionary badges for the children and assigned them to a mission as they arrived. These badges were handed out by the bishop as he “called” them to a one hour mission to the various locations our “mission presidents served in”. We typed a letter like a mission call, calling the children on their mission. While they were doing their pre-mission activiry, we wrote their names on a letter for their mission and on the missionary badges. Bishop made the calls and they lined up in their missions. They then moved into the MTC where they participated in a relay race in their mission teams. District leaders were called t be the helpers of the “greenie” missionaries, the little ones. He helped them do the relay. The relay was as follows: Dress – shirt, tie and shoes. 2. Make a bed – fold a blanket around a pillow. 3. do 3 jumping jacks 4. go to a table and look up a scripture or identify 3 pictures ( provided of course) then run back and take off clothes. 25 min

We got 4 missionaries from differing missions, some girls too. They were the mission president or his wife for the mission calls. They told about:
1.weird food
2. different things about the country or area they served in.
3.stuff from the mission – money, pictures etc.
4.why did I go on a mission, how i knew the church was true.
5. 1 story of mission experience
6. bear testimony
15 min

Then we gathered them together and talked for 5 min of how they could be missionaries now. Bishop did this.

The children really loved this! They were talking of it even a few weeks later.

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