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The Wonderful You

Shared by Sharon C.  Updated 2017 with file.

We wanted to emphasise the Individual Worth of all of our Young Women.

Each member of the YW Presidency had to run one activity (we found later that it was way too long and parents became a bit upset because the next day was a school day).

1st Activity – The Young Women were all asked to bring three things that represent themselves, and to have those three items in a brown paper bag so no one else would see them. The brown paper bags were all put in a laundry basket, then the leader in charge of that activity pulled one bag out at a time and showed the items all the girls had to guess who the items belong to.

2nd Activity – Bring a leaf (off the same tree) for every young woman, crayons and a sheet of paper. The young women put the leaf under the paper then traced over the top, colouring the paper and showing up the uniqueness of the leaf. Our leader then showed off the differences and pointed out to the young women that they are like the leaves all different and yet the same.

3rd Activity – We contacted the mothers about a month before the activity and asked them to write about their daughter/s we gave them an outline of what they could write, we asked the mothers to get it back to us as soon as they could and not to let their daughters know about the activity we wanted it to be a surprise. We typed up what they had written on nice paper and put some graphics that related to that particular girl. We had them rolled up and tied with ribbon in a basket. We chose one at a time out of the basket called that young woman to come and stand at the front of the room while we read out what her mother had written about her. There were lots of tears, the young women felt really loved and the night was a huge success.



Question Ideas & Examples

a. How did they get their name?
b. What is so unique about it?
c. Who is she named after and why?


a. Birthday
b. Any special mentions during birth time. (*)see example
c. Special events that happened at the time – World history
d. Baby shower stories
e. Special family reunion

(*) An example: (True Story) A friend of mine was born weighing only 1lb and had very slim chances of survival, in fact was not suppose to live. Doctors were convinced of this therefore advised the parents their need to be ready for the inevitable. Her father felt strongly that she is suppose to live and proceeded to administer a Priesthood blessing to her, and in that blessing, he blessed her that she would live a normal and healthy life. This was read during her mission and it was shared that she did grow up to be a healthy and strong young woman, graduated a valedictorian of her class, served a faithful mission and married in the Temple to a good man.

This is the kind of story, if you have any, that we are aiming for, even spiritual or faith promoting experiences in the lives of your daughters. Something that makes sets her apart from her brothers and sisters in her family.


Special Gifts & Talents
a. When it was first recognized or discovered
b. Is this a unique gift or talent to her alone?
c. Does it run in the family?
d. How is she Unique from the rest of the family?
e. What else can you share about her?

Special Abilities
a. Can she do interesting things like sing with her mouth closed?
b. Say the alphabet backwards without stopping?
c. Dance on tippee-toes for 15 mins straight?
d. Read a 500 page book in one day?

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