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LDS Poetry by Ron Tranmer

Ron sent me these files several years ago, and I am going through some old emails while on a work vacation and am posting them now.


Choose The Right

Follow the Savior.
Let Him be your guiding light.
When faced with life’s decisions,
He will help you choose the right.
The devil wants to have you,
And He’ll try with all his might.
Knock him off your shoulder.
Be strong, and choose the right.
Always let your choices
Reflect your eternal sight.
Heavenly Father will bless us
When we choose to choose the right.
by Ron Tranmer

What Would Jesus Do?

When faced with choices in our life,
And we don’t have a clue,
We should simply ask ourselves..
What would Jesus do?
If we will keep Him in our heart,
And seek His guiding light,
Then follow in His footsteps
We will always choose what’s right.
Let’s be led by the example
That Christ set for me  and you.
When others need our help and love,
Let’s do as He would do.
by Ron Tranmer ©

The Light

by Ron Tranmer ©


There’s a light in the world

That is forever shining bright.

It can help us find our way

Even in the darkest night.


The brightest of all light

That is known by anyone.

A light with such great glory

That it shames the noonday sun.


This glorious, wonderful light,

May all seek, and may all find,

The joy, peace and happiness

It can bring to all mankind.


Forever will it shine,

And never will it wavier.

The light of all the world…

Is Jesus Christ, our Savior.

His Name In Vain

by Ron Tranmer ©
Commandments given by our God
Direct us here on earth.
How we choose to keep them
Will determine our soul’s worth.
The third commandment tells us
Not to take God’ s name in vain.
“If you love Me, Keep My commandments”,
This scripture makes it plain.
God will not “hold him guiltless”
Who degrades His Holy Name.
Such Disrespect for Deity,
Should make one feel great shame.
Respect the God who gave us life,
And Christ, who died for you.
Treat their name’s with reverence
In all you say and do.


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