Go Tell Pete

Shared by Joy B:

Hi!  I woke up this morning with this idea, so we know it’s not mine!  I am subbing for the Sunbeam class in Primary tomorrow, so this will be great!  I am sure you could adapt it to teenagers as well in Seminary, who I have the blessing of teaching!  Ok…the idea is this:

It is a form of the game “Don’t Eat Pete”… Change it to “Go tell Pete”!  Have a paper with nine square grid on it.  Inside each square have a different face of a child (boys and girls).  Use small candies (Smarties, M&M’s, Skittles…) and place one candy on each face.

  1. Choose one person in class (or in the group or family) to hide his/her eyes (or go out of the room).
  2. Choose another person to point to one of the faces on the paper…everyone watching so they know, too.
  3. Now call the person back in the room.  He/she begins to randomly start taking one candy at a time off of a face, placing it before them on the table or floor.  When he/she comes to the face that was chosen, everyone in the class calls out “Go Tell Pete!”  They then get to take that candy, but before they get to eat the candies they got, they first they have to say one thing that they are going to tell Pete (or Pam for a girl face) about our Church, or about Jesus, or the Temple, or a particular Scripture Mastery, etc).
  4. Place new candies on faces missing one and move on to the next person for their turn.

Great missionary tool!  Elders and Sisters could play this with investigators who have children to see how well they are retaining a message they have taught!  You can easily do this with nine different temples asking Pete or Pam to tell something special about the Lord’s Holy House, or do a grid of 15 squares of our Prophet and Apostles, or 25 squares of Scripture Mastery!  Have fun!  I think the Sunbeams will!


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