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Conference quiz night

The mutual after conference, have a quiz night on what that recent conference was about and what people spoke about. Have a few leaders or other people carefully listen to conference and write questions about the talks given, songs sung, statistics etc… Organize everyone into groups on the night of the activity, and have them each have a piece of paper and pen handy. Ask them each of the conference questions in turn and tell them to write the answers on the paper provided. They may use notes they wrote if they brought them. After one round of questions, (we had three) gather on the papers and check the answers. Give 2 points for whole answers and 1 point for half an answer or whatever you decide to do. (Between each round while we were counting points we foun it therapeutic for all to have snacks. Kept everyone quiet and happy 🙂 Continue through each round asking fun and interesting questions on conference and check the answers after each round. At the end add up all the scores and see who is the winner! If you have time read the correct answers to people so they have a good idea what conference was about and what was said. Have Fun!

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