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CubScout Skit

coming up with a skit is hard to do and I made up one of the poems prayerfully with minutes to spare for an extra boy (which is a good thing) guess which is mine…
the echo
anyone have other suggestions or jokes to add? My turn is coming up again in three months. (

1-Guys, guys, I’m looking for a joke for Pack Meeting- Does anybody have an idea?

2-How about my pizza joke?
1. OK let’s hear it
2. never mind, it’s too cheesy

3. I know, I’ve got a joke about tortillas
1. all right. Let’s hear it.
3. Ahh. No. It’s too corny

4. I have one about echoes
1. sure, let’s hear it
4. Well I can’t repeat it

5. Have you heard the story of the germ?
1. I don’t think I so
5. Too bad, I don’t want to spread it.

6. Hey I know: what sound does a giraffe make?
1. dunno what?
< smack, smack, smack > (make large eating motions with lips)

All I can say is cub scouts are great at silly skits and the giraffe made my day

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