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Fall Festival

We wanted our children to have a safe enviorment for Halloween. Some parents do not allow their children to trick or treat in neighborhoods. We decided on having a Fall Festival.

We served Chili and Hotdogs, Chips, salads and water.

It was a combined Ward and Primary Activity.

Everyone got involved. We had 13 booths. Most families donated a pumpkin or 2 (Small) We set up a Pumpkin Patch and the children picked out a pumpkin and we used googly eyes and they either colored a face on or used stickers. We played Pin the nose of the pumpkin,
a Cardboard Corn Maze (Cardboard boxes that Refrigerators and large items come in) Each child was given a glo stick and they went through it several times. Some of the children cried when we took it down. We had a donut eating contest, a table to color pictures,
Pea Pod Picking. A cardboard trellis and attached “Smarties” (candy)
to represent pea pods, A cardboard of a pumpkin. The children threw bean bags through the eyes, a whipped cream eating contest for our YW/YM who volunteered, Witch Cauldron (Fish Pond) where the children received a fruit snack. The children made a paper mask. (No costumes were allowed). Orange bowling, oranges rolled to knock down milk cartons (small). Potato diggin where we had 2 kiddie swimming pools that we filled with shredded newspaper and hid candy at the bottom. They picked a few pieces. It was a great success.

We finished with a Service Project. We had several pumpkins left over, so the children helped decorate a pumpkin and we delivered them to the inactive families and those who are elderly in our ward.

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