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The Five Love Lanuages HFPE Meeting

The Five Love Languages – HFPE Meeting Overview

Based on the books by Gary Chapman “The Five Love Languages”. We used his book on marriage for reference, but that was not our focus. The focus was using the languages to be more effective showing love to all in our sphere of influence.
We had a wedding-love theme using hearts and flowers. The flyers and invites and magnets we gave out at the end of the night were made with clip from
We decorated with a few strings of white lights, silk flower and plants around a room divider to create a photo backdrop. We dimmed the room lights and played soft music in the background. On the tables we use white clothes with a blue overlay clothes, and twisted tulle, ivy garland and white heart garland (the thin wire type). A simple wedding type favor included the scripture “As I have loved you- love one another” John 15:12.
We served finger hors d’oeuvres on fancy serving dishes and used clear plastic plates and cups for a more refined look. While food was being served we had a photographer (a sister from another ward) with a digital camera take pictures of the sisters in small groups in front of the backdrop. This added to the ‘reception’ atmosphere. These pictures were made into scrapbook type pages and posted on our bulletin board later.
We had six presenters. Five covered a language chapter from the book in 10 to 15 minutes.
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Acts of Service

4. Gifts, Including Gifts of Self or Presence

5. Physical Touch. The sister doing physical touch spoke about the healing and nurturing power of touch. (not intimacy between husband and wife)

6. The Savior’s Example: She passed out the scriptures on slips of paper and had the sisters read and post their scripture on a board under the title of the language they thought it exemplified. (see Examples of the Savior’s Use of The Five Love Languages)

Closing hymns no. 308 “As I Have Loved You”

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