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Career Education

Choose a set of careers that are representative of many levels of education and backgrounds. For example: vocations such as cosmetology, floral design, landscaping, emergency medical technician, dentistry, nursing, engineering, computer programming, music, and children’s day care etc.

Contact all adults who are willing to participate at least a month in advance. Remind them to dress in the clothing they would normally wear to work. Instruct them to prepare mentally for questions such as: level of education or training needed for their job; likes and dislikes for their job; typical daily activities with their job; talents needed for their job etc. They may want to bring paraphrenalia used on their job for display.

One week in advance, send fliers out in the neighborhood to advertise to teens about the career fair; purpose; location; date and time. Remember to include the careers that will be represented.

Prepare a questionairre for each teen to use at the fair to help prompt questions they might use when conversing with the adult representatives. (example: Why did you choose this career? What level of education is needed for this career? What are the skills or specific talents needed to be truly happy and successful in this career? What is the “down side” to working in this career? Hours? )Provide pens or pencils for the teens. Make a table top sign listing each career that will be represented and the adult’s name who will feature that career. Prepare some balloons and a large poster to place outside the church building where the fair will be held. Reserve the church cultural hall. Make a decision about serving refreshments. Set up tables and chairs around the cultural hall. Place the signs on the tables. Adults can display examples of their work or the materials typically used on the job.

During the fair, greet visitors at the door and pass out the questionairres and pencils. Allow teen visitors to circulate and visit areas of interest. Give a ten minute warning prior to closure of the fair.

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