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Primary sharing time “I am an important part of a family”

1. Who rides in the first car of a train? The conductor. He controls the engine. Who in your family would ride in the first train car? (you could have a spot cut out and have children come and hold poster and stick their face through and pretend to be dad)
2. What do dads do for a family that is similiar to conducting a train? They make sure it gets where it’s going, in charge of the engine, the leader, clears the path and ensures safe passage. (have kids come up with ideas for all… and how it pertains to making it to the Celestial Kingdom)
Dads do this for our families to make sure we get back to the Celestial Kingdom. They direct us on the right path by leading scripture study, family prayers and using priesthood for blessings and decisions in the family. They support the family’s physical needs and ‘clear the path of obstruction’
3. Who in your family would ride in the caboose? (nope, not the baby) It would be the Mommy. The caboose ride makes sure the other cars are following the leader and not straying and that the train has a pleasant experience and smooth ride.

4. The mom makes sure the kids don’t go astray and that the path to the celestial kingdom is ‘as smooth’ as possible by holding FHE , eating nutritious dinners together (as much as possible), holds little hands while they cross the street (etc. have the kids come up with answers)
5. Who rides in the middle cars? The kids do! It is the child’s job to follow the leader, stay on the track, contribute to the family, …. (again, have kids come up with ideas)
6. Then have the train (full of 5+ kids holding posters) choo choo around the primary room and see how close they can (be a good leader, follow the leader, etc.)
7. It is our job to make sure our families make it the celestial kingdom together by staying on the right path and working together to get ‘the whole train’ there

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