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Camper Awards – New Ideas!

Academy Award – for the best actress during skits
Bed-Head Beauty Award – for havnig the wackiest hairstyles at camp
Camp Caper Award – for pulling the most pranks
Camp Clown Award – for always joking around and lifting our spirits
Camp Comedian Award – for always cracking us up
Camp Cosmetologist Award – for always having the best hairstyles at camp
Cheerleader Award – for the most enthusiastic camper
Chic Camper Award – for the best dresser at camp
Crazy-for-Camp Award – for loving every minute of camp!
Daredevil Award – for taking risks and trying new things at camp
Do-Re-Mi Award – for being the best camp song singer
Fresh Face Award – for always looking good, even without make-up
Giggler Award – for always finding something to laugh about
Good Will Ambassador Award – for friend-shipping everyone at camp
Granola Girl Award – for being one with nature
Happy Camper Award – for always being cheerful
Helpful Heroine Award – for helping another camper in need
Itchy-Scratchy Award – for getting the most bug-bites
Just-Do-It Award – for pitching in without being asked
Miss Manners Award – for remembering your manners while away from home
Noah’s Ark Award – for going everywhere 2 by 2 (give to 2 campers that are inseparable)
Ohana Award – for making sure “no one gets left behind”
Peacemaker Award – for always keeping the peace at camp
Ruby Slippers Award – for staying at camp, even though “there’s no place like home” (for the homesick camper)
Sleepless Beauty Award – for staying up all night, every night
Smiley Face Award – for smiling all the while!
S’mores Award – for always accepting “S’more” responsibility and being “sweet” about it
Spic-and-Span Award – for being the tidiest camper
Stick-With-It Award – for never giving up even when the going got rough
Story-Teller Award – for captivating audiences with your campfire stories
Warm Fuzzy Award – for always having Hugs to give
White Rabbit Award – for being a ‘hare’ late, but still getting the job done

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