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Activity Day Halloween Service Activity

We had pumpkins grown in the field next to our home. I was able to supply a pumpkin for each of our Activity Days girls. To save time I hollowed out the pumpkins before the activity. Each of the girls had a carving kit knife (the bigger ones worked well) and they were to come up with a fun face. They had a permanent black marker to draw on the face and then they carved the pumpkins. They turned out cute. I had purchased a glow stick for each girl. Once they had their pumpkin carved they broke the glow stick and put it in their pumpkin. We turned the lights off and lined the pumpkins up on the table. The girls loved it. We took pictures of the girls and their pumpkins. Then we had some names of people in our Ward that probably wouldn’t have a pumpkin for Halloween (singles, elderly, ones in care facility,etc.) and each group (younger and older) went and delivered their pumpkins. “Trick or Treat” Service!! We then gave each of the girls a small pumpkin to take home.

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