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Heart Attacks

What you need to do is get ome paper and cut some out in the shapes of hearts. Then glue the hearts onto a popcicle stick. have someone make a sign that says in big letters YOU’VE HAD A HEART ATTACK! Then put the sign on popcicle sticks.Make somekind of a treat like cookies. Pick some people in your ward like elderly people or the bishop. then get the group together and have the leaders drive all the kids to the house. have the kids quietly sneek into the yard and put the sign by the door and put the hearts all around the yard. Put the treat by the front door. then have the kids ring the doorbell and have the kids run somewhere in the yard to hide. the peole you have heart attacked will be so surprised wait till they go inside then try not to let the people who live there see the kids sneek back to the car and drive away to the next house.This activity is best done at night but it can be done during the day.

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