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Glory Road YW Camp Theme

Our Camp theme this year is “Glory Road”. Our Camp Scripture is 1 Nephi 16:3, “…give heed unto it, that ye might walk uprightly before God.”

Our Logo is a Route 66 sign. The top half is our camp scripture and the bottom half simply says, “Glory Road” in big letters. Hopefully we will be able to get T-shirts with this logo as well.

Camp leaders will be “Glory Gals”. Priesthood Leaders are the “Pit Crew”. “Rookie Orientation” and “Rookie Registration” happen on the first day. Meal times are time to “re-fuel”. Scriptures are “Daily Tune-ups” and Certification is “Shop-Talk”. Clean tent awards are “Squeaky Clean” while the messiest tent award is the “Sloppy Jalopy”.

Wards/tents are be part of “Nice-Car Racing” (instead of Nascar Racing). And each group can come up with a team race-car name such as, “Righteous Roadsters”, “Praiseworthy Porches”, “Courteous Corvettes”, “Faithful Ferraris”, etc.

“Glory Gabs” will be 20 minute workshops (2 per day). Topics are, “The Road Less Traveled” (Having confidence to be steadfast in living the standards), “Paving Paths of Righteousness” (developing Christ-like attributes), “Avenue of Angels” (love one another, serve one another, building friendships), “Joyful Journey” (making the temple our ultimate goal so we can acheive the ultimate happiness), “Pit Stops or Pit Falls?” (daily prayer and scriptures can help guard us against satan’s power), and finally, “The Testimony Trail” (what is a testimony, how do I get it? why do I need one?, etc.)

We are planning to have a faith walk on the last night called, “The Journey of the Savior”. The girls will meet a series of characters (portraying characters from the scriptures) who personally knew the Savior. They will testify of Him. We will then end up at a re-enactment of the Savior praying in the garden of gethsemane.

At the pre-camp meeting we will serve little race-cars. Take the snack-size candy bars like Snickers or 3 Musketeers. Unwrap them. Use frosting to attach 4 “wheels” (M&Ms or Skittles) to each side. Also, attach an M&M or Skittle to the top to look like the head of a race-car driver. Very Cute!!!

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