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What would you wear?

We did a variation of an activity already listed in this forum. We took our Mia Maids and Laurels to a local Goodwill. The girls paired and were given a card that would have a situation or location on it and the girls would have to pick out an outfit that would fit that situation, ie. something you would wear to Alaska or something you would wear to met the President of the United States. We gave the girls about 5 minutes to pick out something. They would put the items over their regular clothes and come back and show everyone what they had chosen. We did this for about 45 mintues. Then at the end we gave them all the same card (Something you would wear in the 80’s since this is what we as leaders remember wearing). The ladies that worked there were so nice and enjoyed watching our girls. They even ended up being the judges for the last topic. The girls had a great time and wanted to do it again.–Brenda

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