The Secret of The Star (Christmas)

Intro is read while Silent Night is played softly in the background:

Intro.- The Secret of The Star
I. A long time ago a baby was born-
It had been foretold before the earth was formed;
In a stable with a manger bed.
II. A new star appeared in the heavens to show the way to the place where
Infant lie-
Wise men from the east and wise shepherds from the fields came to
worship and bring gifts.
III. But the star remains more than just another light in the sky. It continues
it’s work of ancient days-
Each point on that Jewish star guides us back to the presence of the
Great One who was found in that cradle of straw.
Each point is a symbol of our gift to Him Who Gave Us All.
IV. The simple gift of ourselves is all he asks. The return of the sheep to
the fold-
Bought without money and is without price.
We are his treasure; that for which his very life was given.
V. He first loved us and we love him. It is now our turn to follow the star-
Wise men still seek him.
Look up! Look up! Look up and follow the star!

The lesson is taken from the Doctrine and Covenants Sec. 112, and is a discussion of these selected verses:

Sec. 112
1.Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you my servant…I have heard thy prayers; and thine alms have come up as a memorial before me…
3. …Inasmuch as thou hast abased (or humbled) thyself thou shalt be exalted; therefore all thy sins are forgiven thee.
4. Let thy heart be of good cheer before my face; and thou shalt bear record of my name…
5. Contend thou, therefore, morning by morning; and day after day…
7. …Gird up thy loins…let thy feet be shod also, for thou art chosen.
10. Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answers to thy prayers.
11. I know thy heart, and have heard thy prayers…love…thyself; and let thy love abound unto all men, and unto all who love my name.
12. And pray for thy brethren…and be ye faithful before me unto my name.
14. Now, I say unto you…take up your cross, follow me and feed my sheep.
19. …And I will be with you…
22. …Abide in my word, and hearken unto the voice of my spirit.
28. Purify your heart before me…
29. And…believeth…
32. For verily I say unto you…(that) which ye have received (has) come down from the fathers, and last of all, (is) being sent down from heaven, unto you.

The six points are-
Pray, Be Humble, Obey, Love Thyself and Others, Serve Others, Believe.

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