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Memories from the Heart

For this month’s activity we had a whole evening planned on KINDNESS,as part of that evening we created a MEMORIES FROM THE HEART ROOM.
The room was set up with huge beanbags,soft rugs big throws,plenty of cushions where the sisters could come in remove their shoes curl up on the cushions and blankets and relax as they listened to gentle music and as soft twinkling lights sparkled all around them.
We really wanted to create a heavenly space where they had time to unwind think and ponder.
We then supplied each sister with a journal entry piece of paper and pen and asked each of them to think back over their life to all the people who had showed them kindness,this could be a friend,primary or school teacher or member of their family anybody who had ever showed them a kindness and to write their experiences down on the paper,the sister were encouraged to take their papers home and add them to their journals.

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