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Achievement Days – Mummy and Me

Achievement Days
“Mummy & Me” Activity. The girls got together and made the invitations. We colored them and handed them out. The night of the activity we painted “Mummies” on small wooden spoons (just eyes and nose) and when the spoons dry, you wrap them in gauze to make the mummy. Then you make a pack of candy corn in cheesecloth and put the mummy in it so just the top half stick out. Then, we played a game where the girls wrapped their Moms as “Mummies” in toilet paper. The moms then had to race across the room and whoever got to the end with the most toilet paper unbroken won. Then we talked to the moms and girls about the goals of Achievement Days. At the end we gave them all cupcakes which we frosted and decorated like spiders.

Very fun October Activity.

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