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Achievement days

We had the YW come dressed as their Mom’s would have at their age and the Mom’s came dressed like their YW currently dress.

The girl’s got to do their Mom’s hair the way that is in style now and the Mom’s did their daughters hair the way that they did their hair when they were their same age.

Then we had a fashion show. We put down a “red carpet” made of paper, had pictures of the girls and their moms taken and had one of the YW leaders MC’ing the fashion show.

We had dinner and then a serious moment where the girls each got up and honored their mothers by telling something that they admired about their Moms and had them tie it into divine nature and a way that their Mom’s exhibited their divine nature in being Christlike.

After dinner we had a couple of the Mom’s teach the girl’s how they danced when they were teenagers and then we had the girl’s teach the Mom’s how to dance today.

We finished with dessert. It was really fun. The girls had a great time. We decorated the dinner tables with pictures of the Mom’s when they were teenagers and with the “old fashioned” big vinyl records that we got from DI and hung them from the ceiling. We did ours in the primary room.

For dinner we kept it simple with a taco bar and then root beer floats for dessert.

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