Grin & Bear It Luncheon

Dress up a Table in this case for a Young Women Personal Progress Value Project Choice & Accountability so the colour is Orange. You have place names but you print the questions that you would be discussing in ref to the Strength of Youth.
You prepare the lunch and also the flowers should be orange and white where possible, you can always substitute it with Hershey Kisses made into rose buds using orange crepe paper.(even the drink is orange)
The table is set up with cutlery and all,
Your guests arrive and you explain why they have been invited…….
Serve your lunch (this cas I had 2 courses)
And then you flip open you name places and start discussing the “Strength for Youth Questions”, i.e.
“Why do you think our dress standards is important?”
I.E. if you a leader and you have to accomplish your personal progress project, you can turn this around and have your friends come and have a luncheon with the questions to suit the adults i.e. Sabbath Day Oberservance – What have you done in your home that is successful in observing the Sabbath? If you have any question, let me know, I can send photos

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