Individual Worth Activity: 7 BOOKMARKS

For enrichment this month we wanted to let each sister know how unique they are and how special each of us are.
To start the evening we taped a piece of A4 paper on everyones back and supplied them all with marker pens we then formed a line and each sister had to write on the paper in front of them one of the qualities they admired in the sister in front of them,the sisters wrote things like,a truly loyal friend,a great listener,always cheerful etc.This contined untill every sister had written on everyones back.Names were then written on the top of the paper before it was removed so the papers didnt get mixed up.
We then had fun transferring all the lovely compliments onto our pre cut bookmarks which we then decorated with stamps,inks and gel pens and on the reverse side we had printed a lovely poem about snowflakes and how each one is unique.
Each bookmark was then laminated for the sisters to take home and they were encouraged to keep them in their scriptures where they can look at them often.

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