Young Women in Excellence “Planting Seeds”

I gave each of my young women a clay pot, a bookmark and a letter detailing their assignment for our Young Women in Excellence program. Here is the letter:

Dear young women:

What kind of seeds have you planted this year? Throughout our year together in Young Women we have been diligently working on our personal progress and “planting seeds” of faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability good works and integrity. Someday these seeds that you have planted will blossom into the ladies you will one day become!

Please take these pots home and in your own way decorate them to show the values that you have worked on this year. On the bookmark provided please display your favorite scripture or a scripture that describes something you have worked on in personal progress this year.

Each young woman will have the chance to display her pot of “planted seeds” at our Young women in Excellence evening and stand and talk about their decorated pot.

We will be excited to see your displays and enjoy what we have accomplished this year!

Your young women presidency

This has been one of the best programs we have had in our ward. The decorated pots were absolutely beautiful! Their individual personalities really shined this evening and one of the things I kept hearing over and over was how much we learned about our Young Women. Here are a couple I will share:
One Young Women set a goal to study and learn about Patriarchal Blessings, painted her pot in gold and put beautiful scrolls on it. One Young Woman decorated her pot to resemble her goals of scripture study and the pot was filled with Hershey “Nuggets”.
Our Presidency’s goal was:
1) To hear from every Young Woman.
2) Have a unique way to display goals accomplished when there was not a physical display. (How do you display being a peacemaker at home?) Answer: decorate your pot with puff balls and talk about how you’ve been “soft” with your siblings.
We had our activity in the Relief Society Room and had one table up front with a pretty table cloth (books stacked underneath for different height) and then I put garland and ribbon around. All their pots were on display with their scripture in front.

Supplies: Clay Pot (Michael’s or WalMart)
Bookmark (Michael’s or WalMart)

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