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Young Women In Excellence

We had a wonderful Young Women In Excellence this year. We did a Young Women in Excellence Bowl. The invitations were done like tickets to a football game. We got each of the girls tee shirts – in Value Colors, that we decorated as Football Jersey’s at an activity a few weeks before. We decorated the gym like a football field – using a green table cloth with masking tape for the yard lines. Then at the end of the goal posts, we put a large cut out of our local temple. At the beginning, we introduced each girl, like a starting line up. All of the girls came running through a huge paper cut out, and then were introduced individually, and they ran up the line high fiving everyone. Then we had a speaker that compared life to a football game – each time they accomplish one of their goals, they get a first down, and keep moving toward the endzone – which is of course the temple. We made pom poms and penants in the value colors for their parents to wave and cheer. We told them their parents were the biggest fans. The young women leaders dressed up as coaches and cheerleaders – helping them and cheering them on. We had our bishop dress as a referee. The speaker told the girls, sometimes there might be a penalty that had to be discussed with the referee, etc. For refreshments, we served chips and dips, soda’s in a large tub of ice, nuts, etc. Then each girl was given a ring pop – with our theme attached – their super bowl ring. It was great night.

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