Youth Leadership Training

Ward Young Women/Young Men Leadership Training

This event is held bi-yearly for the entire YM/YW organizations. The YM/YW leaders rotate chairing the event.

•tDetermine what leadership skills you want to emphasize and teach
•tBrainstorm a theme
•tIncorporate ward members who would/could connect with the youth – well prepared/informative/fun **give them a loose idea of what you are after and then let them go for it!
•tAssign YM/YW leaders for supportive roles
a.tfood people
b.tset up/take down
c.t”Ambassadors” to lead youth groups from country to country
d.t”Border Patrol” to keep youth from wandering halls, etc. Also to check passports at end.

•tMade passports. Made stickers for each country to be placed in passports upon exiting each country/class.
•tUsed paper flag on dowel for the ambassador to hold up and lead their group
•tDecorated with maps (free from AAA if member) and flags (off computer)
•tUsed sticker tags with flags and names of countries for the Ambassadors shirts
•tUsed sticker tags for “Border Patrol” and placed on front of baseball caps
•tUsed sticker tags of UN “staff” i.e. kitchen help/support
•tPlaced small flag papers in sealed envelopes for each youth to open which would place them in their group for the event
•tHad flags on classroom doors for identification – teachers brought extra visuals if they wanted – we supplied anything needed from the library, etc.
•tUsed Cultural Hall/Gym area as the beginning destination – they crossed the border into Mexico and had a taco bar prior to classes
•tOpening pray & blessing on food
•tYouth are given their envelopes
•tAmbassadors were in the back of the cultural hall with their identifying flag/dowel
•tYouth got into their groups and each group started at the same time
•tEach class was 10 minutes – then rotated to the next country
•tPassport stickers given either as they sat in class at the beginning or upon exiting
•tRotated through 3-4 classes and end up in the Relief Society room which was the UN – “wrap up” training and a nice message from Bishop
•tClosing prayer
•tNote: Youth line up and have their passports inspected by the Border Patrol before entering Mexico if dinner served at end of activity

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