The Book of Mormon – the big finale

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As the students walk into the classroom each morning, they find a question waiting for them to journal about. We have done this every morning of the year. Not only does it help bring a spirit of quiet in preparation for our lesson, but I am always writing questions (or at least trying) that point the students’ minds to reflection of forward thinking or self-analysis.

Today’s question was: “It is the last day of your life. What do you spend your time doing?”

I wanted this question, because I wanted the students to think about any activities they should be doing, that perhaps they are not. What kind of legacy will they leave behind when their tenure of life is done.

Then I held up many slips of paper, after the devotional and opening exercises. I told the students each slip represented a life – a life of one of the prophets in The Book of Mormon.

Each student received three or four slips of paper, upon which I’d previously printed a name of a prophet and two questions along the lines of: what can be learned from his life? which verse is most meaningful about or from him?

The kids each took a bit of time to research their assigned prophets. Once the class finished, they started in chronological order sharing what they had learned during the year about these particular prophets and a verse from their teachings.

Unfortunately, we had to dispense with reading the verses about halfway through. If you were to do this project, I would recommend having the kids find those verses and record them on their slips of paper, but only verbally sharing what they’d learned from the prophet (in the interest of time).

As the students shared, we taped the links together. I felt this provided a nice summary of the year. I reminded the kids that Mormon had a large choice of what to include on the plates. He chose these particular prophets’ and stories. I hope the students will remember why and be helped by them throughout their lives, continuing to return to these golden pages of truth and knowledge.


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P.S. Once school is out, I will still continue to post teaching tips, scripture mastery games, and other resources to help us all gear up for the new year! To be able to download the “Our Heroes” PDF file I created for today’s lesson, simply visit the Seminary Class Notes group.

Until tomorrow!Free resources for the LDS seminary teacher.


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