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The Amazing KNOWLEDGE Race

Each Mini Van team (6 youth + 1 driver) were given scripture clues to get to the locations for the three tasks and 3 task envelopes that contained the necessary items to complete each task. The tasks were:

1. Do a load of laundry at the Laundry Mat (Each leader was asked to bring a load of towels or blankets with them to wash for their team)

2. Address an Envelope to your home address (we sent Mother’s Day cards to our moms) and mail it at the post office (some Beehives didn’t know their own address and even some Laurels weren’t sure where the return address went or where to stick the mail so it could get mailed)(we had thought about sending them all in a larger envelope to Alaska to get the “North Pole” cancellation on them and then they send the cards back individually – an idea if you do it before Christmas)

3. Go to the grocery store and open the secret ingredient envelope to see what type of dessert you have to make with $5.00 to share with everyone when we get back to the church. (if the dessert requires cooking – cook it at the leaders home)

4. Back to the church to share desserts and lessons learned.

I placed 2 Road Blocks up and the team that found the Road block could write the name of another team on it and that team had to bring the road block to me and I would give them their road block task that they had to complete before they could continue. The road blocks we had were: 1. Go and get a small smoothie and drink it before you can continue (we had coupons for free smoothies at a shop next to the laundry mat) 2. Open this 100 piece puzzle and complete it before you can continue. The youth would have liked to have had more Road Blocks because they were fun.

It was amazing to see how many of the youth didn’t know how to do some or all of these Life Skills. It was also hilarious watching a team make smoothies in the Laundry Mat. We had an awesome time, full of fun, learning and laughter.

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