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Finding Your Way To The Temple

This will require driving in a car and living very near a temple. You will need one die for each car. Tell the group that each car is going to try to find the temple. Have everyone get in the car and begin driving. Each time you come to an intersection have someone roll the dice to decide which way you will go. After a while, when you are obviously not getting to the temple, tell them you are going to try a different way. Have someone pick a car to follow. Follow that car for a while and when that doesn’t lead you to the temple tell them you are going to try one more thing. Then get directions from a map, or from someone that knows how to get there. Once the group meets together at the temple talk about the different paths they all took to get there. Tell them that we are not going to get to the temple by chance – it takes work, preparation and especially listening to those who know the way.

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