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Geocaching is an adventure game for GPS users. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches (usually a container with something inside, like a notepad for signatures or a treasure). GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches.

Geocaches are listed on internet sites, where members can look them up and use their GPS unit to find them. You can apply the skills learned in this hobby and make a fun object lesson on following instructions.

Invite someone to teach a lesson on carefully following directions from Church leaders or receiving inspiration and following it. You might even set up a series of caches to represent the glories in the plan of salvation (if you get off course, you’re in outer darkness).

Then send your group geocaching to apply the principles they’ve learned with a “modern-day liahona”, a GPS, to find a cache you have previously set up.

Items in your cache could include treasures such as the scriptures, a photo of a family or temple, and even refreshments, or new waypoints to find the refreshments.

Another fun idea might be to set up a cache with a treasure of pass-along cards. Here are instructions on setting up a geocache.

This could also be used as part of an emergency preparedness skills activity.

If you’d like to do this as a simple outdoor activity, see if there are already geocaches in your area at

*** A note for Utahans — Utah is a very popular location for geocachers, especially the South Salt Lake Valley area. You’ll be able to find puzzle caches and treasure caches all over the place. ***

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