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To the Temple by Chance

This only works well if you are within close proximity to a temple.

The objective to get the girls to realize that choices must be made now in order to enter the House of the Lord.

Leave from your ward building in cars. Each car has a dice that is to be rolled at EVERY intersection. If a one or a two is rolled, turn right. If a three or a four is rolled, turn left. If a five or a six is rolled, go straight.

Predetermine, according to your distance from the temple, how long you are going to do this. We live about 25 minuted away, so we did this portion for about 20 minutes. At the end of that time take notice of where you are in relationship to the temple. How many intersections did you come to? How easy was it for you to get to the temple? (The first time we did this we had a car end up at the cemetary, one in the middle of nowhere and one at the local jail, very fitting).

We then drove to the temple where we all sat on the temple grounds and discussed the importance of choosing now what paths we will take in order to be worthy to enter the temple.

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