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Enrichment Night: Dorothy Style

When the sisters arrived the room & dinner tables were decorated like Kansas. There was a bale of hay & a pitchfork by the door; the food serving table had a white table cloth, black table runner & was covered with rustic/farm-type decor; the round dinner tables had white table cloths, black table squares & Ball/Kerr jars with twigs in them for centerpieces. The Relief Society president was dressed like Dorothy, and she informed the sisters that when the Wizard of Oz found out what our visiting teaching stats were he said we couldn’t come to Oz until we learned how to be ideal visiting teachers. We stayed in Kansas for a dinner of pulled pork barbeque on homemade rolls, and broccoli & fruit salads. After dinner “Dorothy” told us not to get discouraged because she had been to Oz before and she knew that all we had to do was learn how to use our hearts, heads & have courage to become ideal visiting teachers and make it to the party in Oz. The sisters then attended three mini-classes re: using your heart, using your head & having courage as visiting teachers. At the end of the classes the sisters found a yellow-brick road (bricks made of yellow construction paper taped to floor) leading them back to the room where Kansas was, but when they opened the door they found Oz (the black table squares were replaced with colorful ones; balloon centerpieces were hanging from the ceiling above each table & suckers with notes reading “Happy Birthday from the Lollipop Guild” were scattered on the tables). We had birthday cake & Dorothy bore her testimony re: visiting teaching.

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