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Newspaper Modesty

Use the newspaper as if it were fabric. Design an outfit that is modest by cuting and taping the newspaper to create clothes or accesories. While creating the outfits, talk about modesty and what is not modest in today’s fashions. Ask what some people do to wear modest clothes when there are none in stores.

Once each person has an outfit made (dress, pants, shirt, shoes, bags, jewlery, hats, whatever they want)they can fashion it off in a fashion show. Have each person make a small introduction and give them to the instructor. The instructor then announces each person and describes their new outfit.

If you ‘fashion’ on a stage and want a runway, take a long rectangular table and place it so the short side is touching the stage. Then you can start on stage and walk out on your makeshift runway!

** Some churches have runways with the stage — they are usually stored under the stage or in the cultural hall closet and are quite a bit more stable than a tale. ~Jenny **

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