New Testament Scripture Mastery Flash Cards and Games

Find out where you can get pre-made New Testament scripture mastery games and flashcards for Seminary!

Quizlet is a great website for creating flash cards, and what’s more, each flash card set you create has several different games and ways to study. Luckily for us Seminary teachers, there are hundreds of New Testament Flash Card sets on various topics.

New Testament Flash Cards

The above set of New Testament Scripture Mastery Flash Cards is one I created using the quotes from the New Testament Timeline list. I prefer those keyphrases because they are actual quotes from the scriptures instead of just keywords.

Scripture Mastery Help

Scripture Mastery help is a website with several different games you can play to learn scripture mastery. Click on the tabs at the top to see all the game options for each book.

Purpose Games

There are a couple of purpose games that you can use for scripture mastery. One is Match the First Word which has you match the New Testament scripture mastery reference with the first few words of the verse. Another is New Testament in One Word which has you match the reference with some keywords. I can’t say that I love the games here, but they’re okay.

Brother Kipp

You can always count on Brother Kipp for great ideas for Seminary. He has several different versions of flashcard and placemat.

Ken Alford

Ken Alford was the first teacher I know of to start selling his Seminary stuff online. You can buy his New Testament kit here. I haven’t used these myself, but I know teachers that swear by them. Alford is a retired instructor.

John Bushman

John Bushman has posted his list of New Testament Games here:

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