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YW Combined Activity

By: Genevie Doyle

Purpose: For the YW to get to know each other a little more personally. This activity is especially fun if there are a lot of new YW in the ward.

Activity Outline: Each YW is to purchase a nice purse (in really good condition) at a thrift store, yard sale etc, spending no more that just a few dollars. In the purse, the young woman will place 4-5 objects that represent her, her personality, or things she enjoys. For example, if a YW likes to play softball, she can place a softball in the purse. If she likes photography, she can place pictures she has taken in the purse…etc.

On the night of the activity, the YW will bring their purse to the activity in a brown paper bag (just so no one can see whose purse belongs to whom). The brown paper bags will be collected by a leader and mixed up. The YW will all take a bag and sit down at around a table. The YW will take the purses out of the paper sacks. A leader will choose a YW to start. She will open the purse and take the items out of the purse one at a time and show them to the group. The YW will raise their hands if they wish to guess who the purse belongs to. A leader will call on a YW to guess. If she does not guess correctly, she cannot guess again until the next round. However, if she does guess correctly, she will get to keep the purse (making sure she returns the items inside)! There is a maximum of three guesses per round for the purse! If after 3 guesses there are no correct answers, then the YW holding the purse gets to keep it.

Refreshments: Ask a few of the young women or leaders to bring their favorite appetizer and you can snack during the activity.

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