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Scrambled eggs

choose a scripture. cut from construction paper many half inch cubes. place one letter from first word of scripture onto paper cubes. place word “scrambled” into a plastic Easter egg. continue with remaining words of scripture. one special egg is the egg with the book, chapter and verse. scramble the book , keep the chapter and verse in number form. this egg is special because its the only clue as to how all the words that have been unscrambled will go together. to play . place all the eggs in a couple of baskets. have each child open an egg solve the word inside, as one word is solved , set aside and go on to next egg. once the special egg has been found the scripture can be looked up. begin gluing each letter of each word onto a large piece of construction paper, starting with the recently found book, chapter , and verse egg. continue gluing. we solved and glued till the end. we found our special egg half way through by chance. carefully placement will ensure a wonderful outcome. 45 min.

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