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Mother/daughter game – Newlywed Game Style

We summarized the talk given by Elder M. Russell Ballard May 2010 Ensign “Mothers and Daughters.”

We played a game like the newly wed game, my Mia Maids came up with the questions for mothers and daughters they did not think they would know like:

(for girls)
1. All mothers know what their children weighed when they were born so what did your mother weigh when she was born?
2. What was your mothers favorite vacation?
3. What is your mothers favorite season?

(for mothers)
1. Do you know your daughters social security number?
2. Do you know your daughters best friends cell phone number?
3. Do you know your daughters favorite book?

They were split up and the answers were written on paper all questions were asked when they were together in the same room. They got a point if their answers matched. It was fun! Except I forgot to get prizes for the winner.

Refreshments: We had a personal progress fruit salad. Fruits made from value colors. Each girl told of a value and the color it stands for and put in her fruit, the last girl mixed all the values together with faith (white) and put in whip cream.

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