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Pioneer Day Activity Booths

Our Stake primary pres. sponsored a stake quarterly activity based on pioneer day. Each of the 10 wards/branches were responsible for 2 booths. We were given a list with ideas on it or we could list our own ideas and do those. It was so FUN. Here are some of the booths that the children loved everyone was encouraged to wear pioneer clothing.

panning for gold – screening sand with a penny hidden in it.

milk the cow – wooden cow with glove utter

collecting eggs- stuffed animal chickens on nest boxes with plastic eggs.

digging potatoes- large box of cedar chips with potatoes and shovels

hanging laundry- wet clothes on clotheslines strung between trees


butter making

old fashioned pictures

hand cart rides

hand cart candy craft

petting zoo

gunny sack races

jump rope

stick pulls

rag doll making

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