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Book of Mormon Stories

Learning and Living the Gospel (#6)
(idea adapted from Primary 6, lesson 43)
The Book of Mormon teaches about many people who received great blessings, were blessed with power, and performed miracles because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Main Activity: Tell stories from the Book of Mormon about people who were blessed with power because of their faith in Jesus Christ, then share testimonies of our Savior. After this activity, encourage the girls to go home and share their story and testimony with their family.

Materials needed: Find a picture that illustrates each story below. Use the Gospel Art Picture Kit (GAPK), church magazines, or the full-color pictures included with Primary Manual 4 (PM 4). Ask your Primary president if you can look through the stack of extras she’s probably got tucked away in her Primary cupboard.

Three ideas, choose what works best for your age group or size of group.
1. Choose 3-4 stories. Tell each story to the girls while showing the picture, then let them pick one and practice telling it to the group. It’s okay if there are repeats!
2. Assign the girls a story in advance. Have them read the scripture references and come to the activity prepared to tell their story.
3. Let them choose one at the activity. Put the boldface sentences and references on separate pieces of paper in a container and have the girls draw one. Have them look up their story and think about how to tell it.
• Alma and Amulek caused the prison to tumble. (Alma 14:26–28)
Show picture “Alma and Amulek Walk out of the Fallen Prison” (PM 4-29)
Nephi and Lehi were imprisoned and were encircled by fire. (Helaman 5:44–52.) Show picture “Nephi and Lehi in Prison” (PM 4-41)
• Ammon saved the flocks of King Lamoni. (Alma 17:29–18:3; 26:12)
Show picture “Ammon Defends the Flocks of King Lamoni” (PM 4-30, GAPK 310).
• The brother of Jared saw the spirit body of Jesus Christ and moved a mountain. (Ether 3; 12:30)
Show picture “The Brother of Jared Sees the Finger of the Lord” (PM 4-52, GAPK 318).
• The 2,000 warriors’ lives were spared in battle. (Alma 56:44–56)
Show picture “Two Thousand Young Warriors” (PM 4-40, GAPK313).
• Nephi obtained the brass plates. (1 Nephi 4:131)
Show picture “Nephi Returning to Lehi with the Brass Plates” (PM 4-8).
• Lehi and his family were guided by the Liahona to the promised land. (1 Nephi 16:28–29; 1 Nephi 18:23)
Show picture “Lehi and His People Arrive in the Promised Land” (PM 4-20, GAPK 304).
• Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples in great power. (Ether 12:31)
Show picture “Jesus Teaching in the Western Hemisphere” (PM 4-45, GAPK 316).
• Abinadi was willing to die for his testimony of Jesus Christ. (Mosiah 17:7–20)
Show picture “Abinadi before King Noah” (PM 4-22, GAPK 308).

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