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Mother’s Day Service: Youth Teach Primary

I accidentally got cc’d on a unit’s service activity email list for a youth service activity: teaching Primary for Mother’s Day so that the women can attend Relief Society. I’m sharing it here without last names so you can use it as a template to plan a similar event in your area.

I always like this event when it’s done in our unit — it provides fellowshipping and a break for female Primary teachers, and it gives youth leadership and teaching experience. It’s a win-win.

I like how they let the youth know how many children are in their classes, the room number, who they’ll teach with, and the lesson number.

***** I’ve never seen it done before, but wouldn’t it be nice to do the same thing for male Primary teachers on Father’s Day, too? *****



This email is for your information and for you to encourage your daughter or son to follow through with this special service opportunity for Primary on Mother’s Day. Thank you for your help.

N2 YW/YM & N2 Primary

Primary Teaching Assignments

Mother’s Day, May 9th [2010]

We need at least two teachers per class, if there are more Young Women / Young Men available then some classes could use three teachers.

3:10- 4:00 – Class time is about 50 min. long – Sharing Time will be combined Jr. & Sr. Primary.

Snacks are okay, but please no nuts of any kind. (see the class list handed out to all the youth today on the list below for any other instructions regarding food allergies.)

Each of the youth who signed up to help were given a detailed list of their class and specific instructions. If you have any questions please contact Sis. **** – Thank You for your help.

-Nursery uses the manual Behold the Little Ones, Lesson 17 I Will Share (…)

-Sunbeams use manual Primary 1, lesson 17 I Am Thankful For My Hands (…)

-Junior Primary (CTR) uses manual Primary 2(CTR-A), lesson 17 The Priesthood Helps Me (…)

-Senior Primary (Valiant) uses manual Primary 6 (Old Testament), lesson 17 Joseph Forgives His Brothers (http://primary%206%20%28old%20testament%29,%20lesson%2017%20joseph%20for…)

NOTE: ****Go to the link above to print out the lesson for the class you’ll help teach. Or go to LDS.ORG primary home page and find the matching lesson.

(primary home page)…

Have Fun! This is a Team Teaching Effort! J Thank You!!!


Nursery – 7 kids – rooms 107,108 – Alyson T., Julia L. & Elizabeth M.

Junior Primary:

Sunbeams – 3 kids – room 110 – Arielle B. & Ashley B.

CTR 4 – 6 kids – room 111 – Emily O. & Mandee L.

CTR 5/6 – 8 kids – room 109 – Matt B., Ryan O. & Craig N.

CTR 7 – 3 kids – room 112 –Sophie B. & Corinne O.

Senior Primary:

Valiant 8 – 7 kids – room 105 – Brittany H. & Alivia J.

Valiant 9 – 7 kids – room 106 – Ainsley H. & Amanda C.

Valiant 10/11 Boys –3 kids – room 113 – Ben B., Caleb B. & Jay T.

Valiant 10/11 Girls – 8 kids – primary room – Sarah H., Hannah M. & Ashley C.

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