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Articles of Faith Scavenger Hunt

This is a Primary Quarterly Activity that I put together after searching for an Articles of Faith Scavenger Hunt, only to find that there weren’t any online. I had to save this activity into 3 separate documents.

First: Scavenger Hunt Instruction Sheet-this will give you an overview, and tell you what you need to do to prepare for the activity
Second: Scavenger Hunt Clue Instruction Sheet- this includes instructions on making the clues, setting them up, and then I have included all the clues that will be used for the activity.

Third: Scavenger Hunt Instruction Door Signs- these signs will go on each of the doors. They have instructions that tell the children what they will be doing in that room. Also attached in this document are all of the games/puzzles for each Article of Faith.

There’s alot of pages, but most everything is there for you (there’s a few pictures, signs, that you’ll have to come up with, but I tell you what they are).

I have tried to explain everything so that it’s easy to understand. When you look at the document don’t get discouraged, I promise it’s not as difficult and time consuming as it looks, haha.

If your Primary has been memorizing the Articles of Faith, then this would make a great end of the year Activity. The children had so much fun, and were able to learn about the Articles of Faith.

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