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RS Birthday Dinner

We had a princess party to celebrate the fact that we one day will be queens. We invited the YW to participate. We asked everyone attending to create their own crown and scepter. We encouraged everyone attending to dress as a queen or princess. During the dinner the RS sisters were actually addressed as queens, while the YW were addressed as princesses. We posted several references by our prophets about our divine nature and being daughters of God. We distributed our RS theme bookmarks to each attendee. At the end we asked the sisters to stand for our theme. They all stood and took their bookmarks in hand and prepared to say the theme. Instead, we played the song “Dancing Queens” by Abba. They all squealed with delight then danced and sang and waved their scepters in the air. One sister told me if that was our new RS song she was going to come to every RS event! Table decorations included large pastel tissue paper flowers, candy bracelets, necklaces, rings, and lipsticks, iridescent curling ribbon, iridescent Easter grass, some small plastic glass slippers, in short, anything girlish and dealing with being a princess. They LOVED it!

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